My name is Yulia. I am a graphic designer, mom and beloved woman of a beloved man))) All my life I have been surrounded by animals, mostly these were large dogs. I met Kurilian Bobtail cats for a long time, I read many stories and legends about these amazing fairy cats - they have exceptionally long hind legs and a pompom tail, and the character is close to a dog. I, the dog lover, even liked it sooo much. The first animal of this breed I saw when my cat Briana came to me - I took a chance and did not regret it :))


Then there were a lot of questions, but it was later ... Thanks to Anna, the breeder Brian for believing in me, endured all my interrogations and helped to understand the intricacies of the breed standard.

Kuril bobtail - love from the first glance

Our kittens
adaptation of kittens
kittens in the new house

Cattery is a serious and laborious work. It requires a person to love and knowledge of the breed standard, its characteristic features. "Cattery" means exhibitions, trips, knowledge / genetic courses, veterinary medicine, selection. The breeder carefully selects the pairs, properly grows up kittens, makes every effort to pick the best families for them.

The owners of the catterys are mostly fans of the breed, for whom this hobby became the part of their lives, and cats are members of their family. Arriving to the cattery, you do not come to a store or to a farm, but it will be a visit to an ordinary persons home.


Our Kurilian Bobtail cattery "Playful pompon*ua" was registered in WCF and RUI system in 2017/2018. All our cats visited a lot of cat shows, where they received good expert reviews. Kittens from our cattery found the best families, which is the highest rating of our work.


All our pets are kept at home, in care and affection. Kittens move to a new home no earlier than 3 months old, socially adapted and vaccinated. Be sure to keep in touch with the new owners and give advice on the maintenance and care of pets.

I, Ekaterina. I am a cynologist and a zoopsychologist, I live at a high-speed pace, I often do not have time for anything, I can be impatient and emotional, but I love emotions.


I work with dogs, teach them how to be super dogs and learn with them.


But an equally important area is the intestines of the Kurilian Bobtail breed, I am their dark patron, support service, support, a pill when needed.


It all started with the fact that a few years ago a Kurilian Bobtail cat Boniface appeared in my house. Bonya changed my whole idea of ​​cats and radically changed my attitude towards them.