mam: Ayumi Playful pompon KBL n09

dad: Apricot Garden Bonifacius KBL e03

Brut Playful pompon, KBL a03, male

Baylis Playful pompon, KBL g03, female

Blackberry Playful pompon, KBL f09, female

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Pr. BRUT Playful pompon, KBL a03, male

Light as a cloud, a gentle child. The tail is thrown back tightly, not movable. Curious, playful, person-oriented, babbling kid. Big and effective guy.


Remained in the nursery show NEUTER

BAYLIS Playful pompon, KBL g03, female

Beautiful, tender girl.Movable, curious, playful, person-oriented, babbling little girl. Big and effective girl.


Lives in Ternopil, Ukraine

BLACKBERRY Playful pompon, KBL f03, female

Beautiful, tender girl.Movable, curious, playful, human-oriented, amusing baby. Big and effective girl.


Lives in Kiev, Ukraine

​It`s very important for me to find loving & caring families for all my kittens!


Kittens are grown on natural raw BARF feeding, so the priority will be given to families 

that support & promote healthy, natural food for their animals. 


Before buying  a pet, you should think well about everything &

understand that you are buying  not a toy,   but a friend for the next 15-20 years.