mam: Ayumi Playful pompon KBL n09

dad: Apricot Garden Bonifacius KBL e03

Brut Playful pompon, KBL a03, male

Baylis Playful pompon, KBL g03, female

Blackberry Playful pompon, KBL f09, female

Pr. BRUT Playful pompon, KBL a03, male

Light as a cloud, a gentle child. The tail is thrown back tightly, not movable. Curious, playful, person-oriented, babbling kid. Big and effective guy.


Remained in the nursery show NEUTER

BAYLIS Playful pompon, KBL g03, female

Beautiful, tender girl.Movable, curious, playful, person-oriented, babbling little girl. Big and effective girl.


Lives in Ternopil, Ukraine

BLACKBERRY Playful pompon, KBL f03, female

Beautiful, tender girl.Movable, curious, playful, human-oriented, amusing baby. Big and effective girl.


Lives in Kiev, Ukraine

​It`s very important for me to find loving & caring families for all my kittens!


Kittens are grown on natural raw BARF feeding, so the priority will be given to families 

that support & promote healthy, natural food for their animals. 


Before buying  a pet, you should think well about everything &

understand that you are buying  not a toy,   but a friend for the next 15-20 years.

adaptation of kittens